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I wasn’t awake
Be my imagination
I found you at Thunder Lake
it surprised me
you woke me
This day is forever,

The wind simply chills
I put on my scarf
There are constant breezes
my map is young
The temperature drops and water freezes.

I wrote about the trees
they stood there and talked for years
the garden surrendered
my dog and I ran from bees,
What we left was courage,
impossible to give up our guide.

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My soul allows me to be open to life. I have more than enough to handle life’s demands
I love my soul of inner peace. I love myself. I trust myself. I love my inner tranquility.
My soul nourishes me. I forgive myself in love. I have a right to be me. I am a good person.

I have a right to my feelings, positive and negative.

My soul allows life to all. I reach out with love. I reach out with forgiveness. Everybody has a right to exist.

My soul allows my life to flow. My reactions to things tell me what is real. My experience of things is truth. My body has its own wisdom.

My soul allows my life to unfold gracefully. I have faith and confidence in my future. I am secure, and my future is secure.

My soul allows sweetness to fill me. The world…

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The passage of light thrills the river
It fills your choice to guide music
Remove substitution just outside potential illumination
Concentrate on the Coho salmon and Columbian white-tailed deer.
You hear the Atlantic sing and waves crash through understanding.

Start a listening day as harmony
hands you warmth
Nature does not witness doubt
I like thighs and we exchange love and respect
Seeing a stage other than the one I dream about.

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Rain clouds shift the tides,

receive the glorification when time seems to take life by the shore and loose it.

The way it feels to just sit brings a smile and find someone greeting you.

It just feels right to gather all your fears in your heart.

Your gorgeous eyes say that you’re around the corner.

I like to dance

Branches on an unlikely birch will watch us together

emptiness filled with a drop of compassion

When someone listens to your response it feels like the suffering ends.

Too much of the day goes on where people forget smiling makes it all better.

Change that which discovers you

the course of our lives begin to unfold by dreaming big dreams

we are surrounded by the most luxury,

there are sea and wind so close to your eyelids.

I took out the first mad call to elevate the howl of a…

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Lapping water from a fountain

Demand his eyes again.

More senses now than I’ve ever felt

In depth or calmly let you know you’re there

Why would I think surrender into love to wish upon stars?

Gaze up in awe of heaven.

The beauty each person held delighted by small treasures.

A longing to step onto searching.

Guiding inside touch letting it return

walk in and hold on.

The dampness seems like a cold invitation.

Reflections come after rainstorms

Fulfilling after years of emptiness

A rainbow does the thing peace and love laugh about

Peaceful places that don’t break when the night continues

Let go at once a few minutes longer

Wishes granted in dreams

right away is the best chance to conquer your glory.

To someone eccentric

What’s your favorite word?

Does it hold you?

Don’t take my heart when you come over to see me.

I always want…

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I shout at wishing wells.

Saddle slipping.

I told you I was shy.

Few of the traveling

awesome for belief.

Getting places.

Distances between the best.

Here’s where my heart feels well.

Jump on a new railroad

child begin to whisper sooner.

Peace among nature’s chance.

Kiss your wall

Thank heroes for working.

Envelopes were meant to be licked.

I was meant to be liked.

Eyes glowing and positive

Forget misery or debating

I share the moonlight with friends tonight.

I’ll still see tulips in Minnesota.

Disappear and go right away.

Protect the last look at earth.

colors float through your eyes

plain old trains moving faster

tilting and grasping his arm

your will or his charm made our hearts skip.

Begin a long paragraph

foretell a prickling ear.

Tap a timbering wolf’s den.

Chant down your birth.

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A destiny in place of words

Beneath the soul’s cold lie

blue towers and foaming gold

Taste the salt

see how she hurts inside.

Ending it all with a pleasant smile.

Tickle the tops of puppy paws.

See the reflection of your face from her.

The morning glories all abloom

the Baby’s Breath is my favorite flower

amounting to the stars in the sky.

I took place the movement of wings.

My name because I follow the branches of willows.

Sleep in those days your spirit cries.

Once I saw your beloved smile.

A country only as proud as it would like to be

a town only as lonely.

Ice and doors open

dance on the moon.

Potential illuminate me.

Frost in the morning

breaking light.

Wise they find us

a fleeting glimpse at realities own guide.

Surprise eager children

bring the tired stories.

Let those who are still young…

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To wish upon the stars

or gaze up in awe of heavens.

The beauty each person held

delighted by small treasures

forgetting some moments

Love only to feel

She ran her horse

meadows helping her belong.

Gates wide open

leaving time behind.

Man and woman time to dare

Puzzling isn’t it?

Telling yourself it’s your chance to live.

Sighing through blue eyes

Transparent leaves bow to the ground

He’s just a man.

Jumping through hoops of starlight.

Dancing under a star keep the red birds happy

they will sing for us in the morning

Give my plants a bath.

Provide myself a warm meal to go back to work

the day is almost gone but the dark almost always seems like a better time to read anyways.

As long as a soft breeze blows and the chance to completely see the sky is possible.

A rainbow does the thing we…

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Fathers and mothers will have words to change your lives

I still think it’s crazy to pretend love is going to look at me the same way

The arches in my feet are sore from dancing but who’s going to be my partner?

When I saw you lost,

I was alone dreaming about you.

Breathless motion

watching the sunset

feeling simple.

Emotional in simple sounds.

finally their eyes met

she hears the softness of his heart beats.

Lifting fingertips toward the sky

the evening sinking and resting with soft skin

palms holding in the summer’s heat.

A leaning dove listens from secret loneliness

stretch your arms again.

Grounding solitude

Falling stars to reach

toward new life in tender bodies.

Lips apart

forgetting your own words

Perhaps few mistakes means many.

Answering or doing

Shut your eyes for awhile

Unfold his arms and dance.

Crying our just your name.

Embodied detail…

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