Fathers and mothers will have words to change your lives

I still think it’s crazy to pretend love is going to look at me the same way

The arches in my feet are sore from dancing but who’s going to be my partner?

When I saw you lost,

I was alone dreaming about you.

Breathless motion

watching the sunset

feeling simple.

Emotional in simple sounds.

finally their eyes met

she hears the softness of his heart beats.

Lifting fingertips toward the sky

the evening sinking and resting with soft skin

palms holding in the summer’s heat.

A leaning dove listens from secret loneliness

stretch your arms again.

Grounding solitude

Falling stars to reach

toward new life in tender bodies.

Lips apart

forgetting your own words

Perhaps few mistakes means many.

Answering or doing

Shut your eyes for awhile

Unfold his arms and dance.

Crying our just your name.

Embodied detail…

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