A destiny in place of words

Beneath the soul’s cold lie

blue towers and foaming gold

Taste the salt

see how she hurts inside.

Ending it all with a pleasant smile.

Tickle the tops of puppy paws.

See the reflection of your face from her.

The morning glories all abloom

the Baby’s Breath is my favorite flower

amounting to the stars in the sky.

I took place the movement of wings.

My name because I follow the branches of willows.

Sleep in those days your spirit cries.

Once I saw your beloved smile.

A country only as proud as it would like to be

a town only as lonely.

Ice and doors open

dance on the moon.

Potential illuminate me.

Frost in the morning

breaking light.

Wise they find us

a fleeting glimpse at realities own guide.

Surprise eager children

bring the tired stories.

Let those who are still young…

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