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They are at risk and twelve species are thinking that North America is a handsome place to raise their family. The most secluded waters are over-fished and the habitat has no knowledge of deliberate depletion. Our role in the ecosystem is incorrect. Some are unwanted and the trout removed survive greater decline. Practice cleaning and increase bodies. Altering the ability of peace.

Swallow the bait and make your status vulnerable. Golden eyes threatened by protection and averages resemble a contribution. Sea lions use their onshore time, dive into the sea and steer clear of boats. Feed them squid. Fish swim to find a home.

Eaten at night in our sanctuary.

Preserve for three months. Extinction already fined non-aggressive creatures. Herbivorous animals relate daily to the world. Allow them to be flexible and propel across the water. Let them be able to breathe into their huge lungs. Exhale and reveal rivers.

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Congratulations start with worries
trauma and creepy lies see into my eyes.
Ways you seem like talking about the fun time
I want to shrill and I feel delighted by your mystery
tomorrow and next week comes slowly
my feet restless and feed on the lights
uncomfortable weather that huddles in control of extinction.

Salt like a paragraph somewhat disliked
misery about fires

Battles on world figures

Teaching boats to yell out
a cloak of friendliness up the country
Paper fertilizes thoughts about love

Familiar with haunting visions of flying to the window.
Insanity is one small pill filled with the medicine to make a world of kindness.

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He looks at me through beggar’s eyes
Eyes older than his years
He looks at me through beggar’s eyes
Their youthful shine were tears
He looks at me through beggar’s eyes
He’s lost and all alone.
He looks at me through beggar’s eyes
Should I be his friend?
He looks at me through beggar’s eyes, from my world I pretend
He looks at me through beggar’s eyes
Should I hold back my soul?
He reaches out a hand to me
And we exchange the cold.

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Wind is rushing by
the birds all disappear
And I cry out, winter has come.

The snow is seeping through the ground
A child whispers softly coldness is no longer here.
Sounds of splashing, of swimming, fun and laughter
Everyone is singing because of summer days.
Autumn leaves are falling to the ground
The rakes come out from hiding and people sit and wonder why
Summer went away.

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Awareness (of origins and consequences)

Articulate how I’m Contributing.






Perception and Potential


Partner, Patterns, Principles, Population….

Place it in your imagination. Fill with what makes you happy; Values, Storytelling and Reflection.

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