To wish upon the stars

or gaze up in awe of heavens.

The beauty each person held

delighted by small treasures

forgetting some moments

Love only to feel

She ran her horse

meadows helping her belong.

Gates wide open

leaving time behind.

Man and woman time to dare

Puzzling isn’t it?

Telling yourself it’s your chance to live.

Sighing through blue eyes

Transparent leaves bow to the ground

He’s just a man.

Jumping through hoops of starlight.

Dancing under a star keep the red birds happy

they will sing for us in the morning

Give my plants a bath.

Provide myself a warm meal to go back to work

the day is almost gone but the dark almost always seems like a better time to read anyways.

As long as a soft breeze blows and the chance to completely see the sky is possible.

A rainbow does the thing we…

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