Lapping water from a fountain

Demand his eyes again.

More senses now than I’ve ever felt

In depth or calmly let you know you’re there

Why would I think surrender into love to wish upon stars?

Gaze up in awe of heaven.

The beauty each person held delighted by small treasures.

A longing to step onto searching.

Guiding inside touch letting it return

walk in and hold on.

The dampness seems like a cold invitation.

Reflections come after rainstorms

Fulfilling after years of emptiness

A rainbow does the thing peace and love laugh about

Peaceful places that don’t break when the night continues

Let go at once a few minutes longer

Wishes granted in dreams

right away is the best chance to conquer your glory.

To someone eccentric

What’s your favorite word?

Does it hold you?

Don’t take my heart when you come over to see me.

I always want…

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