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God’s Garden

Getting to food sources will be hard if global warming depletes habitats and biodiversity for plants. Natural disasters increase costs where transporting and sharing food is fixed into the ecosystem.

The world is dark and full of life at night. All change isn’t good but it’s important to realize that change brings new emotions and determines further outcomes. The change brought to the desert is undeniable. We don’t know how any ecosystem is affected by the choices we make. Something is out of place without sequence and staying in tune to Mother Earth. Disrupting this is ignorance. Maybe we need a new tribe with a different language. It may be impossible to explain the end of the world, but the possibility that we could understand it is nearly as impossible as knowing where we came from and how we were made. We need to look at what Mother Earth gives us and what choices we make from our unique gifts. The world consists of many tribes. Land and transitions have caused many fights over boundaries. The roles are unknown but I believe in synergy. We are believers in a system where mass destruction happens often and is very hard to overcome.  Financial institutions may be in question but what about the true cost. We need to look at how our earth and its citizens will live in the future. Our ecosystem is in peril. However the darkness is not to be feared. In the morning we wake up and shouldn’t need to feel scared anymore. We can see ‘her’ eyes and ‘she’ can see ours. If we could examine how to fix problems based on fear this would be simply the greatest place to live. The next generation’s need for safety and love would be in place.

Nourishing your Thoughts


  1. Never eat anything you can’t identify with 100 percent certainty.
  2. Be careful where you forage. Many wild plants are safe to eat, but have been exposed to herbicides or pesticides. Look for them in locations far from human impact.
  3. Consult field guides for prep work and cooking instructions. Ex. boil nettle leaves before eatting

Balance and Flexibility:

Next week I’ll be starting a well-researched cleanse with people who I work with in natural health. I wasn’t really nervous to begin a cleanse. Now I’m starting to think I need more strength. I’m boosting my body and sharing what I think is important before attempting any diet or cleanse.

The rules of the woods was just for fun.

  • Envision the next eleven days and what I want to plan.
  1. To be stronger
  2. Have more energy
  3. Achieve better sleep
  • Reconnect with myself and my values.
  1. Focus on the positive
  2. Challenge my eating habits
  3. Eat more fruits and nuts
  4. Drink more tea
  5. Take vitamins
  • Start morning with yoga instead of coffee
  1. Reset my stress level: Breathe in essential oils for 10 inhalations and exhalations
  2. Project confidence
  3. Meditate on creating a heathy lifestyle and supporting my dreams
  • Be kinder to myself.
  1. Exercise enough to sweat
  2. Stop criticizing myself
  3. Host a party
  4. Mental rest: Each time a thought comes up, simply observe it, and let it go
  5. Cook something new
  6. Take a nap
  7. Get a massage
  • Rather than try to fix my body, focus on how I want to feel.
  1. Accept that change happens
  2. Take charge of my own reflection: Stop letting the mirror win
  3. Look people in the eye
  4. Pamper my feet
  5. Don’t obsess over weight loss, wellness is a slow transformation
  6. Be grounded
  7. Surprise myself: Push past my physical limits